Selling A Property

Most property owners, once they have taken the decision to sell their property, want to sell it as fast as possible. But in fact this is not always the case. Engage one, two or even three real estates agencies results in a limited offer on the market and hundreds of agencies in your area NOT offering your property!

And here is, how we can support you! As experienced real estate professionals it is our daily business to deal with the all the valuable real estate agencies on the Costa del Sol. Once you have taken the decision to market your property through us, we will accompany you in every single phase of the sales process. We take professional photos of your property, we prepare all necessary documents and as well as an expose in different languages, so that the real estate agencies are pleased to offer your property to their clients. Also we will organize an "Open House" for real estate agents and will act as your exclusive key holder. This means we also will be present at every single viewing with clients to assure that your property is promoted well and that you get a valuable feedback on every action taken.

Now it should be easy for you to take the right decision, how to market your property.

There are a lot more reasons to opt for our Property Listing Service. If like to know more about them, click here to contact us. We will be pleased to arrange an appointment with you.

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PLS - Property Listing Service

PLS is NOT a real estate agent. PLS is a key holder and listing service, which means that PLS is hired by property owners to list their property with all reputable brokers and real estate agencies in the PLS service area and to organize, hold and assist personally within 24h the viewings requested by the agencies.

What is the difference to a conventional agency? PLS provides the collaborating brokers and agencies with all statutory sales documentation as well as professional property descriptions and photographs. PLS plans, organizes and conducts the viewings professionally. Thus, real estate offered through PLS, has a significantly higher presence in the real estate market and are seen by many more potential buyers. This significantly shortens the time between the first offering on the market to the time of sale.

You as the owner do not have to worry about anything until the sale.